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Project of the month club

If you’re like me you aspire to be one of the many who seem to be superhuman, able to work a full-time gig, nurture a family and find time to explore their inner selves. But aspiration is often where my endeavors end. By 7pm my resolve to load the latest pilates video has faded into my quest to pull together a quick, and not from the New York Times food pages, dinner for my family, or to sink into our comfy couch and load the last episode of Bridgerton to my Netflix cue! :)

That being the reality, welcome to my Project of the Month Club. If only one day a month I can find the perfect trifecta of time, motivation and inspiration, then wahoo! and cheers to that. If you’re interested, please follow along.

This month I committed to committing to this Blog. And so, let me share with you a recent and fun project completed at the studio with the always fab food stylist, Kathryn Conrad. (Please see our very first Blog post to reconnect with Kathryn. And to confirm that great friendships are formed in the kitchen : )

Recently, we were contacted by a branding manager in Denver, CO who was helping a new restaurant in St. Paul, MN get ready to launch. They were looking to photograph the entire menu for this cool concept endeavor which invites families across the spectrum to enjoy freshly cooked comfort meals in the warmth of their own homes. Stay’d opens this week, offering the perfect combination of your favorite feel-good foods with the ease of ordering direct to your door.

Working together remotely with their Chef and the brand manager, our team created a strategy that allowed us to complete the full project using Zoom for image approval with stellar results. We invite you to take a gander and let your mouth water. If you happen to live near St. Paul, we encourage you to give Stay’d a try – could be the time saving inspiration you need to finally give one of your Projects of the Month a try!

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