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Outstanding in the Field

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Blue Moon Studio celebrates 25 years of top rated Commercial Photography!

Smiling sheep standing in a field. Highlighting Blue Moon Studio's 25 years of outstanding commercial photography

Cheers! to everyone who has been a part of our amazing adventure – Blue Moon Studio turns 25 years strong this month and we're so grateful for the many friends we have made along the way :)

From our earnest beginnings in our cozy space on Penn Avenue to the full capacities of our current venue along Sheboygan’s riverfront, has evolved into a top-rated commercial photography studio. Making the leap from film to digital photography, adding video services and leaning into new industry trends and technologies has allowed us to remain front forward in an ever-changing professional environment. Concurrently, core education in lighting and composition has proven to be a timeless asset. A positive blend of seasoned and fresh, Blue Moon Studio provides experience with energy, and insight with innovation on every project.

We are fortunate to work with endlessly talented people to produce beautiful imagery, and we fully embrace the notion that creativity never goes out of style. We look forward to every future opportunity to learn and grow and invite you to join us at the Studio for some collaborative fun!

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