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a picture or 1000 words?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

eCommerce is the gateway to unlimited options, providing a seamless global connection from seller to consumer. An industry already steadily growing, this past year has pushed many businesses, from grocery stores and restaurants to clothing boutiques and salons, to fast track their internet sales plan or launch new initiatives affording online purchases with curbside pick-ups or home deliveries. A single mechanism to procurring most anything you want is now literally at your fingertips and accordingly, eCommerce has never been more relevant.

In our internet-based society imagery is key. A short description and product reviews can often cinch a sale, but first a seller must capture the consumer’s interest. In a sea of options, a great picture is critical to that engagement. Once a person’s curiosity is peaked by the visual provided, they are more likely to delve deeper, read the fine print and potentially click ‘Add to Cart’.

Additionally, large scale sellers like Amazon, Menards and Home Depot have detailed image requirements to list items on their site, which means to compete, online sellers need high quality, specifically formatted images that set their product apart from their competitors. Often this means working with a professional photographer and here’s where we can help.

There is a wide spectrum of what constitutes product photography and an even wider spectrum of placement options. From glamorous settings to 360 spin photography, how you represent your merchandise depends on many things including your industry, your target audience, your media platform and your product. But even block out images against a 255 white background can look “sexy”, as noted by a recent client when we were capturing his company’s fuel products and filters. It all comes down to lighting and professionalism. At Blue Moon we pay attention to the details. From capture to post work, including retouching, color correction, clipping paths and file management, we work to ensure your product is set to shine online.

Another bonus? We are a fully independent studio capable of taking your product from start to finish in-house. Using Zoom we can collaborate for real time direction and image approval, so you need never leave your working environment. Easy-peasy, super cheesy. Or ice drills. Or loading dock components, outboard marine items, company merchandise and hand-made granola. Or skin care products, dog treats and hunting gear. You get the idea ;)

Below are a few examples of recent client work. We would love to collaborate with you, too!

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