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Updated: May 15, 2020

Spring has sprung! The grass is green and we are finally able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Suffice it to say, it has been a difficult period for our community and our nation and we want to thank all the essential workers who make our ability to stay sheltered possible - you are keeping our country running. A special shout out to our rescue and health care workers, and our senior care providers, heroes who have shouldered the ultimate responsibility of ensuring our loved ones receive every ounce of support and nurturing they deserve while we cannot be there to provide it for them. We are forever grateful.

As we begin a thoughtful reopening process here in Wisconsin, we are following county and state safety and CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) recommendations to ensure we remain up-to-date on guidance as it is issued in the coming weeks. We are continuing the precautionary measures begun in March including increased cleaning of our facility, closed entry for deliveries, and the provision of personal hygiene and disinfectant products throughout the studio. Additionally, we now have disposable face masks available and will be using a dual work station system to allow for full participation in the creative process while practicing social distancing.

As always, our primary concern is to provide a comfortable environment for our clients in which to collaborate towards their artistic goals. This same collective mindset of shared consideration will be key to managing a safe and savvy reconnecting of our lives. Please let us know if you are not feeling well and we will do the same - we are super-flexible and will gladly reschedule your project or help you achieve your photographic objectives remotely.

To that end, we are Zoom and Skype ready and have extensive experience coordinating projects virtually for art direction and image approval processes. During these past weeks we have worked successfully from afar with numerous clients to produce quality images like these for Sheboygan's own Johnston's Bakery. Remote photography services are well suited to many types of projects including product, eCommerce and prepared foods, and we encourage clients to consider operating in this fashion where possible. Together, we can continue to work wisely and help keep each other healthy and safe.

For us, like many, it's been challenging some days just to put on pants. We have relied on humor, great music and the support of family and friends to lighten the load. And we've been inspired by the many acts of kindness committed by organizations and individuals, locally and globally, who have worked to brighten and improve the lives of others. We appreciate you! and hope your example of goodwill and stewardship is carried forward as we regain our balance and set forth once again, mindful that we are all in this together.

We are looking forward to seeing you, hopefully soon! Until then, we want to share with you a playlist of favorite tunes that have kept our spirits lifted these past weeks bluemoonquarentunes If today is a day where your hair is heavy and your socks have lumps, we send these beats with positive vibes and the hope they bring a smile to your face. If today is a good one, yay! We hope that's a feeling that just keeps trending.

Be well!

Peggi and Glenn

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