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Let me see your Smile

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dentistry is an art. Excellent practitioners deserve credit for their individual styles, practice development and technological savvy. Yet, too often dental practices rely on packaged promotional materials which limit the ability to highlight the uniqueness of any given practice or provider. We specialize in letting your individual smile shine.

With over 15 years experience traveling across North America photographing dental practitioners, surgeons and specialists, their staffs and their offices, we have come to appreciate the nuances that shape and personify these professionals. The architectural design of their environments, color tones, furnishings and finishing details are hand selected to reflect the personality of the doctor, the region, and the desired feel of the space. We strive to capture it all. Environmental portraits of the doctors allow for an additional opportunity to provide an unfettered view of their nature, and images highlighting the technology employed in the practice affords testament to their expertise without the use of a single word.

As technologies proliferate and advancements in procedures continue forward, we work with offices to help them showcase what sets them apart from their competitors. It takes effort, dedication and significant resources to undertake a private dental venture -- take pride in your journey and share it with the world!

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