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When beginning new relationships with creative stylists we suggest a collaboration that affords everyone the chance to have some fun, build personal portfolios and bridge the unknowns without constraints. With no specific guidelines or approach necessary, true synergy can occur and will oftentimes lead to inspirational outcomes and, in bestcase scenarios, new friendships. Through our introduction to @kathrynconradfoodstyling we were fortunate to find both. This series of images centered around a singular subject, Kimchi, a spicy Korean dish of seasoned, fermented cabbage. Incorporating all ideas on how to artfully present the dish, and working with a variety of set and surface options, lighting concepts and the ethereal ease of Kathryn's food styling, we created three distinctively beautiful images. Along the way, we had the chance to get to know each other, share good humor, great food and establish the foundation of what has become a delightful and much valued friendship. Cheers, Kathryn!

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