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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What to do when the client wants to see 'iced' beer cans but you're prepared for 'cold' cans? Get creative! One thing you learn quickly in our industry is how to think on your feet. Tricks of the trade are abundant and entertaining - Google how to just about anything and a dozen means by which to accomplish your goal magically appear at your fingertips. In this instance, while Google couldn't provide a direct answer, it did provide enough information to send me to our local five and dime, a store lovingly referred to as "heaven" by two small girls we know.

Evans is an iconic institution in our area, a staple of the neighborhood for over 80 years. And if there is something you need, or something you don't even yet know you need, it can be found at Evans. And so it was.

On this day when our assignment took a hard left towards the unfamiliar, I found in Evans' science section Light Up Ice Putty. What is Light Up Ice Putty you ask? It's this awesome, sticky, sliceable, gel-like substance that aliens adore, at least the little one included in the science kit. Because it's clear (side note - for fun, or if you have kids who like science or aliens or both! it also comes in blue, purple and green) when cut into assorted shapes and sizes it looks just like crushed ice pieces. And because it's a firm gel, it is fantastically malleable and able to be placed over and over again until you achieve the desired affect. Check it out!

With our iced can conundrum resolved, our creative team successfully produced multiple amazing images that were collectively used to create this summer campaign banner for Wisconsin's own Johnsonville Foods and Milwaukee based Molson Coors Beverage Company. And in the process, we added a new trade trick to our tool kit!

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