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Étude Campaign

2020 promises to be another winning year for the students of the Étude Group schools in Sheboygan County

This is the third year we are collaborating with the inspiring students of the Étude Group under the creative direction of Blaine Huber from This award winning campaign, highlighting the unique vision of the Étude schools, has been a work of #heART in which we have been thrilled to participate.

With children of our own who are creative thinkers and learners outside of a traditional scope, we embrace fully the concepts grounding the Étude Group. Their philosophy and mission speak directly to the inherent truth that we are all intelligent beings; we simply operate, reason and problem solve in different ways. And that is a good thing! #Creativity breeds innovation, challenges social norms and paves the way for advances in literally all areas of life. Differentiated learning options foster #creativity. Cheers to the Étude Group!

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